BCPS Expands Passport Program, Adds Middlebury Interactive at 15 More Elementary Schools

April 13, 2016

For decades, the number of students enrolled in school-based language instruction has been on the decline.  This is occurring despite mounds of evidence that an early start not only helps with language acquisition but also comes with significant cognitive, creative and emotional benefits for young people.

For this reason, we are especially pleased to have partnered over with the Baltimore County Public Schools (BCPS) over the past several years to bring Spanish instruction to elementary students throughout the district.  This week, BCPS Superintendent S. Dallas Dance announced the expansion of the district’s Passport Schools program from 25 to 40 elementary schools.  According to Dr. Dance, starting next Spring the program will reach more than a third of BCPS’s 4th grade students.  He noted that providing students access to Spanish language “instruction in elementary school will give them the opportunity to become proficient in a second language before graduation, and we know how much learning a new language will help facilitate their future academic and career success.”

Recently, the district put together a video to show the impact the program is having on the classrooms participating in the Spanish program.  The passion for language learning exhibited in the student and teacher interviews in this video underscore the importance of starting kids on an early path to bilingualism.  It also provides context as to why so many dedicated people at Middlebury Interactive work hard every day to increase access to high-quality world language programs for all students.

Enjoy the video!