Colchester 2016: Field Days

July 10, 2016

"Holding an Olympic Games means evoking history."  - Pierre de Coubertin

Today, history was evoked on St. Michael’s campus.

All thanks to Brenna Rice—our Activities Coordinator at St. Michael’s—this year’s Field Day games were not only an incredible success, but also a huge standout and unifying event for all five of Middlebury Interactive’s Summer Language Academies!

The Academies from Green Mountain College made the trek out to St. Michael’s College this morning, bringing over 300 students with them. As loads and loads of students began pouring out of the buses promptly at 12:00, the excitement began—the day commenced!

After time for the students to get settled in and eat lunch was over, everyone made the march over to the Ross Sports Center, where the opening ceremony took place.

However, beforehand, the Academies had their dramatic entrances, in which they entered the gym with loud, roaring cheers and shouts—all of which echoed in the ears of everyone in the gym.

Once the noise had finally died down, the Summer Site Managers of both St. Michael’s and Green Mountain College took the stage for their opening addresses. In these brief speeches, they welcomed the Academies, and then reminded them of the importance of competition—but also, comradery when participating in these Olympic Games.

The purpose, they both emphasized, is to bring everyone together. They’re a unifying force, allowing all five Academies to come together for a day of excitement and activity.

Once the opening addresses were finished, the students took to the fields: the games began!

With soccer, basketball and ultimate frisbee games going on all over campus, there was excitement in the air everywhere. Academy-pride was at an all-time high with everyone, as people jumped up and down and cheered for their friends who were participating in the events.

In addition to the sports, there were other events going on, such as: water balloon tosses, staff sports games and relay races—all of which, just like the rest, generated lots and lots of excitement amongst every Academy!

At the end of the day, here are what the results ended up being:

  • Overall: Spanish and Chinese Academies tied for 1st
  • The Arabic Academy won the relay races
  • The French Academy won the sudoku matches
  • The German Academy won cheering

All in all, it was a day filled with positive energy and Academy-pride, which gave way to lots and lots of fun for both the students and the staff!

Again, shoutout to Brenna Rice for making this happen!!!

The French Academy is ready!