Running Bulls and Wedding Bells at SMC

July 15, 2017

Today was the most eventful and jam-packed Saturday at SMC to date! Students in the Arabic and Spanish Academies had a full day of activities.


The Arabic Academy’s day started off at a local art studio. Students brought the tracing paper designs they created yesterday and transferred them onto tiles which they painted with beautoful, bright paint. Students created three tiles in total: one a geometric, one floral, and one calligraphy design. After their visit to the art studio, students visited a scenic park in Burlington before heading back to SMC.


Arabic's exciting day continued with something very out of the ordinary - a wedding ceremony! In the evening, the academy held a mock wedding for two of their RAs. The girls living groups had “girl time” where they received henna tattoos, and did each others hair and makeup. The boys on the other hand were hard at work in the campus kitchen preparing a meal for the academy to enjoy. Students came to the ceremony dressed to the nines. After the “marriage” was complete, the academy shared couscous, salad, and date sweets and turned the aisle into a dancefloor. Students danced the night away to their favorite (requested!) English-language songs as a special treat.


The Spanish Academy also had an exciting afternoon celebrating the San Fermín “Running of the Bulls” festival. Their day started with a presentation from teacher Israel about the history and traditions of the festival. Students then broke off into groups, each tasked with creating a different element for final celebration. Students cooked traditional food, created decorations, designed clothing/jewelry, and some even volunteered to be the bulls. The afternoon commenced with an academy-wide gathering in the courtyard, where students played games and ate the snacks prepared by their classmates. After this party, the “bulls” (and many spectators) took off by the dorms and ran around campus before finishing their route back in the same court yard. It was a very high energy afternoon! At night, the Spanish students let loose at a tropical-themed academy dance featuring food, games, and crafts. 


As always, check out our Facebook for many more (150+) photos from today’s festivities.


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