Updates from Beijing Academy Students

Here are contributions from Beijing Academy students on how their time in Beijing has been thus far...

July 5, 2016

As students continue their journey abroad, here are a few accounts from them on how things have been!


"My second day started by waking up early in the morning. Then having gotten changed and dressed, I was ready to begin my day. I met with some of my friends and we decided to go for a typical Chinese breakfast. I was so excited to finally eat Red Bean Steamed Buns again, as they were my favorite snack the last time I visited Beijing.

Having had a relaxing start to the day, it was time to return to the University campus for our morning assembly; I was introduced to the group as I had only arrived the morning before. 

Following our morning assembly, our classes commenced. We built on our vocabulary of food by reading and writing scripts between an imaginary waiter and client. Finally, in the afternoon, we were able to put our new skills to use by asking Beijing locals what their favorite restaurants were.

This was useful in improving our Chinese speaking skills as we had to pluck up the courage to ask locals ourselves and it gave us an opportunity to try lots of new food!!

Once returning to the campus, we wrote up all of our findings and explained how to get to the different restaurants.

Fortunately, in the evening, our class regrouped in a Chinese restaurant to try Chinese food and improve upon the skills we had learned that day by ordering our own food.

All in all, today was a great way to practice our Chinese speaking skills!"   


"In class this morning, we learned about ordering food in a restaurant. We reviewed the names of fruits, vegetables, meats and drinks. We learned the names of new dishes and how to communicate with the waiter. After Chinese class today, I had calligraphy class, in which we learned how to write two characters. Even though we only wrote two characters, it took us a whole hour and I still didn’t feel comfortable writing them—calligraphy is much harder than it seems! After calligraphy class, my class went to a fruit market to review the names of the fruits that we learned and we got to buy some fruit. China has some fruit that I had never seen before in America; it was very cool. When we finished buying our fruit, we went to the grocery store to practice saying the names of the vegetables and drinks that we learned in class. For dinner tonight, we went to a Hot Pot restaurant, which is one of my favorite kinds of Chinese cuisine. We used the new vocabulary that we learned in class to order our meal and, even though it was hard, we were successful. Not only was today really fun, but my ability to communicate in Chinese with waiters greatly improved!"


"Today was another day of classes. After breakfast and a quick meeting, I went to class. It was a pretty information-dense class; we learned the names of a lot of food, which is something that will definitely come in handy. In the afternoon, we all ventured out to a fruit store; I had a pretty good time pointing at different fruits and saying their names in Chinese. We spent a lot of time shopping around in the grocery store, and then we had some free time before dinner. For dinner, we went to Hotpot. Basically, we are given a giant pot of boiling soup and we can cook a variety of foods in the broth. It was quite delicious. One thing about the concept of Hotpot is that it was VERY HOT. Not only the steam from the soup, but also our drinking water! I think that it's the smaller things like this that make a place feel foreign, because you lack things you previously thought were always going to be there." 

As you can see, students are getting a first-hand experience of life in a foreign country. Bejing certainly has lots in store for them! 

Fun in Beijing!