ELL Course Overview

Watch a guided ELL course overview.

Watch a video that explains the pedagogy behind our ELL courses, shows you how the curriculum teaches academic English and literacy development and describes the professional development support that Middlebury Interactive provides.

Middlebury Interactive's digital ELL curriculum:

  • Focuses on academic English, critical thinking, reading to build vocabulary and developing communication skills through listening, speaking and writing.
  • Features culturally inclusive curriculum with projects that relate to English Language Arts, Social Studies, Mathematics and Science.
  • Favors a blended-learning implementation with individual and collaborative activities, both online and in classroom settings.
  • Features a modular structure that allows for flexibility for teachers and students alike.
  • Utilizes a project-based approach, as well as learning activities and projects that favor multicultural perspectives.
  • Aligns with Common Core and correlates with WIDA standards.