ELL Curriculum Overview

Our engaging ELL curriculum aligns with Common Core and correlates with WIDA standards to help close the achievement gap.

Middlebury Interactive's standards-based supplemental English language program focuses on academic English and literacy development. Our digital ELL curriculum is developed by Ph.D.-level academics and language education and ELL experts to help students boost learning outcomes for English Language Learners. The modules are designed at grade level and feature age-appropriate themes specifically designed to engage elementary and middle school students, while enabling educational excellence.

Middlebury Interactive's digital ELL curriculum:

  • Focuses on academic English, critical thinking, reading to build vocabulary and developing communication skills through listening, speaking and writing.
  • Features culturally inclusive curriculum with projects that relate to English Language Arts, Social Studies, Mathematics and Science.
  • Favors a blended-learning implementation with individual and collaborative activities, both online and in classroom settings.
  • Features a modular structure that allows for flexibility for teachers and students alike.
  • Utilizes a project-based approach, as well as learning activities and projects that favor multicultural perspectives.
  • Aligns with Common Core and correlates with WIDA standards.
ELL Course Chart


Our Director of Curriculum Support and Alignments, Jocelyne Waddle, is a WIDA-Certified PRIME V2 Correlator.

Our WIDA-correlated courses have been posted on the WIDA Prime V2 website. Review the correlations here.