Webinar: Why Culture Matters in ELL Instruction

Implementing high-impact blended learning solutions to promote academic achievement among English Language Learners.

With more than four million English Language Learners (ELL)—and growing—in U.S. schools, districts across the country are struggling to find effective, affordable solutions that promote achievement for non-native English speakers. Many ELL programs fail students by only focusing on the integration of content and language while ignoring the cultural and socio-economic challenges many of these students face on a daily basis.

This session, led by renowned ELL expert and Middlebury Interactive ELL consultant Jim Cummins, discusses effective digital and classroom-based solutions that balance proven ELL curriculum modules with a deeper understanding of how to overcome the cultural challenges facing new arrivals to our country. The presentation also includes concrete examples of these successful strategies that teachers and administrators can apply to their own ELL programs.