High School Language Courses

Watch this video for a quick tour of our digital world language courses for high school students.

Middlebury Interactive Languages—the leader in digital world language education for elementary, middle and high school students—offers engaging, interactive courses based on Middlebury College’s proven methodology and immersion learning principles. Middlebury Interactive’s courses create experiences that allow students to learn a language in context, while expanding cultural understanding and awareness.

In Middebury Interactive’s high school courses, students are transported beyond the traditional classroom setting into real world situations. Vocabulary and grammar are introduced through contextualized examples. These highly interactive online tools help students naturally explore and practice the language.

Students studying French, Spanish and Chinese will meet native speakers from Paris, Montreal, Madrid, Buenos Aires, Mexico City and Beijing through authentic videos and task-based learning exercises. With consistent exposure to authentic language situations and varied speaking styles, students become enthusiastic learners who are more confident communicating in real life settings.

The powerful blend of immersion learning and leading-edge technology presented in Middlebury Interactive’s world language courses help create lifelong language learners better prepared for college, a globally connected world and careers in the 21st century marketplace.

WL Course Offerings