Middle School Language Courses

Watch this video for a quick tour of our digital world language courses for middle school students.

Middlebury Interactive Languages—the leader in digital world language education—offer engaging world language courses that immerse elementary, middle and high school students in their language of study.

Middlebury Interactive's middle school courses use multimedia elements to help students fully grasp language concepts within real-life situations. As each student develops language skills through interaction, they are given task-based activities to help them produce language. Authentic materials, including videos featuring native language speakers, contextualize language learning.

Based on Middlebury College’s proven methodology, middle school courses are grounded in the development of listening, speaking, reading and writing. Students are introduced to vocabulary themes, grammar concepts and sentence structure through explicit instruction, guided learning and adaptive pacing.

Opportunities to apply language in common situations along with highly interactive lessons are designed to reinforce skills and build the foundation for continued language acquisition.

WL Course Offerings