Hartford English Language Learners Program

Homeschool Testimonials

Hear from parents on their experience using our K-12 digital world language courses as part of their homeschool curriculum.

Spanish Elementary Course

Riva, Homeschool Buyers Co-op Member

"My kid loves this well structured program."

Elementary Chinese Course Example in Browser

Paul, Homeschool Dad

“Our sons are excited every day to use the course and enjoy the self-paced nature of the activities.”

Homeschool Mom and Kids at Laptop Computer

Kelly, Homeschool Mom

“As soon as he completed the first lesson, he was hooked.”

French Language Course Example

Noshin, Homeschool Buyers Co-op Member

"I find that the course is very engaging and she has picked up a lot of French."

Elementary Spanish Language Course on Computer

Alane, Homeschool Mom

“Being able to be so independent with an online course was a big confidence boost for him.”

Leveraging Language to Implement Common Core Standards

Brandi, Homeschool Mom

“I like that it is self-paced and easy to use.”

H Hendren, Homeschool Buyers Co-op Member

"My daughter is learning Spanish, independently, and she enjoys it!"

French Language Course Example

Erica, Homeschool Mom

“It is effectively teaching French better than any other method we have used.”

The Value of Technology in Homeschool Education

Renita, Homeschool Mom

“It's easy to get started, and, best of all, mom doesn't need to know Chinese!”

Top Education Technology Blogs to Follow

Anne, High School Homeschool Mom

“I finally feel like we are getting somewhere in French!”

Two High School Students at Laptop Computer

Audura, Highschool Homeschool Mom

“The program seems to be well-rounded and rich in learning opportunity.”

Spanish Elementary Course

Leslie, Homeschool Mom

“After two lessons—roughly a week and a half—they told the same story again and this time she could understand!”