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Anne, High School Homeschool Mom

“Foreign language has always been the most difficult subject for me to cover in homeschooling, and I have tried many different things over the years. My son and I both like this program. I finally feel like we are getting somewhere in French! There is a nice variety of activities, so it doesn’t get boring or tedious.

“The grammar activities are thorough, and it is not just matching things or multiple choice. My son has to actually type in sentences in French and spell things correctly including having the correct accent marks. He finds the listening activities very challenging, because the speakers talk so fast.  He has to listen to conversations more than once to understand what is being said.

“We have been moving a little slower than the suggested pace because there is so much review that we need to do due to my son forgetting everything he learned in French I. But we are able to complete most lessons in 1 day, spending about 30-45 minutes on a lesson. I expect we will be able to complete the semester before the 6 months end. My son has also been making flashcards and drilling the vocabulary outside of the program, which would probably be beneficial for most students.

“Overall I think this is a good program for high school French. Some of our success is due to me being more involved than I was in previous language classes, but the material is also very engaging and includes enough practice and repetition for things to sink in. I am planning to purchase the 2nd semester of French II when we finish this, because it works well for us.”

Anne High School Homeschool Mom