Webinar: Connecting Communities

The importance of culture in digital world language and ELL instruction.

Solutions to many of our ecological problems lie in an approach that celebrates, empowers and nurtures the cultural, artistic, historical and spiritual resources of each local community and region. […] Schools and other educational institutions can and should play a central role in this process.” —Laurie Lane-Zucker, 2004

In this webinar presentation, educators and curriculum designers from Middlebury Interactive Languages share their experiences utilizing place-based and community-based pedagogies to help world language students and English Language Learners (ELL) connect with neighborhood communities. Presenters discuss best practices, as well as challenges, in connecting culture with world language and ELL instruction.

By watching this one-hour dialogue, which was recorded on May 8, 2014, you will learn about Middlebury Interactive's:

  • Place-based and community-based pedagogy.
  • Design principles to support a community-based approach in language education.
  • The impact of place-based pedagogy on student learning experiences.