Webinar: Finding the Right Blend

Watch a webinar on the value of world language education in a blended learning environment.

“Blended learning should be viewed as a pedagogical approach that combines the effectiveness and socialization opportunities of the classroom with the technologically enhanced active learning possibilities of the online environment.” — Dziuban, Hartman and Moskal (Educause 2004)

Blended learning promises to enhance student learning and provide teachers with unprecedented resources and support. However, there are many different blended learning models—in world language and other subjects—that must be customized based on students’ needs and educators’ objectives.

In this webinar presentation, several educators share their experience using Middlebury Interactive Languages’ digital world language courses in a blended learning environment. This discussion—moderated by Dr. Aline Germain-Rutherford, Ph.D., Chief Academic Officer for Middlebury Interactive Languages, and Dr. Lee McIsaac, former Director of Professional Development for Middlebury Interactive Languages—discusses best practices for implementing world language curriculum in a blended environment, including strategies and tips for overcoming challenges in the blended classroom.

By watching this one-hour dialogue, which was recorded on April 10, 2014, you’ll learn:

  • Different blended learning models for Middlebury Interactive’s world language courses.
  • The impact of digital learning on the student learning experience.
  • Strategies to effectively leverage technology for language learning, including those for non-world language teachers.