Webinar: Prioritizing Language Learning in the Standards Era

Despite its numerous benefits, world languages often fall victim to the crowded school schedule. Join us for a discussion on how teachers and administrators can overcome challenges to make language learning available for all students.

As our students prepare for a future where the world is more connected than ever before, second language acquisition is top of mind for many educators. Numerous studies have shown significant benefits from language learning, including better career prospects, improved academic performance and enhanced empathy and creativity. Unfortunately, the realities of the modern school day, with numerous state and federal standards and mandates, often squeeze out language instruction from the schedule – despite significant interest from educators and parents in making language learning more accessible. Still, some schools, districts and even states have committed to making language learning a top priority.  Join us for this webinar discussion led by statewide policymakers and school administrators on how schools can balance these challenges and make language learning available for all students.

Watch this one-hour presentation, which was recorded on January 19, 2017, to get insights from experts and experienced professionals in the field. Our presenters are:

  • Michael Watson, Chief Academic Officer, Delaware Department of Education
  • Christina Johnston, Principal, Weybridge (VT) Elementary School