Schools Using Our World Language Courses

See how schools are working with Middlebury Interactive to provide superior world language instruction through fully online implementations, blended learning programs and supplemental digital materials.

Middlebury Interactive currently provides world language instruction to more than 200,000 K-12 students nationwide. Our courses are deployed in nearly 4,000 schools, from the largest urban districts, like New York City and Miami-Dade, to the smallest towns, like Weybridge, Vermont. Middlebury Interactive has also been tapped by the states of Delaware, Louisiana and Michigan to enhance digital world language learning. We believe that all students should have access to superior world language instruction and provide a fully integrated solution to meet every school's or district's needs.

Middlebury Interactive's implementations vary in structure and are built around the specific needs of the school districts: fully online courses using our trained and state-certified teachers; blended learning programs with district teachers using our proven world language curriculum; supplemental digital materials used by teachers to integrate authentic cultural materials and real-world learning examples into classroom lessons.

Baltimore County Public Schools


“We knew early on that we wanted our students to be globally competitive.”

Dr. S. Dallas Dance, Ph.D.

Dr. S Dallas Dance, Superintendent of the Baltimore County Public Schools, is leading efforts to bring the benefits of Spanish language learning to the elementary students in his district through a partnership with Middlebury Interactive. The program, which started in 2014 with 10 elementary schools and will expand to 25 for the 2015-2016 school year, is a blended learning model that provides BSPS teachers with a tailored world language curriculum and authentic cultural materials, as well as customized professional development training.

The digital Spanish language courses were modeled after Middlebury Language Schools’ pedagogical approach, which has been proven over the past 100 years to be the most academically rigorous and effective language instruction available to students. Middlebury Interactive has adapted this approach to the digital environment and utilizes the latest technology tools, including animation, voice recording and playback, and self-grading activities.

Faculty at the school report that students have been engaged by the technology and that students have constant access to the courses—and are voluntarily using the digital courses outside the classroom—at home, library or any other site with Internet access. The Spanish program also meshes well with the district’s initiatives to help its students become more college-ready. To learn more, please view this recent video report on the BCPS program.

Here are some other Middlebury Interactive success stories from across the country:

Coventry Village School, Vermont

Just miles from the Quebec border in Canada, this elementary school of 100 students long wanted to offer a French language program but struggled to find the resources. Principal Matthew Baughman worked with Middlebury Interactive to create blended French language courses designed for the school’s elementary students. The classroom teachers, most of whom had no language education training, have thrived using the digital course materials and students have gained the French skills and a better understanding of the significant Francophone culture and economic opportunities of the region.

Watch: Third-Grader Karly Shares Her Experience Learning French with Middlebury Interactive

Rutland High School, Vermont

As one of Vermont’s largest high schools, Rutland already offered some languages but hoped to add Mandarin Chinese and create more flexibility to add new sections of French, Spanish and German to accommodate student schedules. Since Middlebury Interactive’s digital courses allow students to progress at their own pace, Rutland teachers were able to combine different languages levels in one classroom without compromising academic integrity.

State of Delaware

Middlebury Interactive was chosen as the digital world language provider as part of Delaware Governor Jack Martell’s World Language Expansion Initiative, which delivers world language immersion instruction to students beginning in kindergarten. Middlebury Interactive provides blended French, Spanish and Chinese courses for nine middle schools throughout the state.

Michigan Virtual School

MVS is a statewide program that provides online courses for Michigan students, who are required to take online courses as a graduation requirement. Middlebury Interactive provides the online courses to expand students’ access to world language instruction in French, German and Spanish from middle school through Advanced Placement® courses.


“More than any other curriculum that I’ve seen online, the Middlebury Interactive courses really seem to be created by people who understand language learning.”

William Springer, Lead World Language Instructor, Michigan Virtual School