Digital Language Learning Courses

LuAnne Kelsey, West Aurora School District

“One of the things we found appealing about Middlebury Interactive Languages from K¹² was not just the program itself, but the fact that it incorporated a self-contained teacher. 

“I’ve looked at multiple programs for multiple situations. I know for a fact I would never use anything but Middlebury Interactive Languages from K¹², because they are absolutely the premier end, and from a global world languages perspective, there isn't anybody better.

“One of the things we’ve struggled with is that, although we currently offer Spanish and French, we’d been unable to expand to other languages, simply because we could not find qualified teachers. Or, we couldn’t find enough students from a supply-and-demand perspective to justify having just one or two kids taking a particular language.

“It has been really nice to challenge students with the advance high school curricula, which is at a quicker pace. It is one of the ways we are able to ensure they learn something new every day.”

LuAnne Kelsey Director of Non-Traditional Programming and Resources
West Aurora School District