World Language Course Testimonials

Hear from educators and administrators on their experience implementing our K-12 digital world language courses.

Dallas Dance, Baltimore Country Public Schools

Dallas Dance, Baltimore County Public Schools

“The future looks bright when you think about our students being able to become bilingual by the time they graduate.”

Karly Student Coventry School

Karly Testimonial, Coventry Village School

“I speak English and I'm learning French. I have some family members that are French. And it's fun.”

Lynn Palmer Principal Reiserstown Elementary

Lynn Palmer, Reisterstown Elementary School

“Students are going home and practicing it on their own. And they're teaching their parents.”

Melissa Souliere Teacher Coventry School

Melissa Souliere Testimonial, Coventry Village School

“I try to incorporate French in math class, in social studies class, and any other times that I see the kids.”

Weybridge Student at Computer

Michael Portal, Weybridge Elementary

“I appreciate that it addresses the needs of different types of learners. Students can move at their own pace.”

Matthew Baughman Principal Coventry School

Matthew Baughman Testimonial, Coventry Village School

“A benefit—aside from learning language—is that it’s teaching students to collaborate in a digital environment.”

Two Girl Students at Computer

Joy Bieker, Jewel Middle School

“Students have access to languages they would never have been exposed to otherwise.”

Digital Language Learning Courses

LuAnne Kelsey, West Aurora School District

“I would never use anything but Middlebury Interactive. From a world languages perspective, there isn't anybody better.”