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Two Girl Students in Computer Lab

World Language Research & Reports

Read our research and reports that discuss our curriculum design and pedagogy, the value of education technology and learning a language online and how world languages are a crucial skill for young learners.

Elementary Spanish Language Course on Computer

Johns Hopkins University’s Evaluation of the Middlebury Interactive Languages Program

Read a third-party evaluation of Middlebury Interactive's world language program implementation quality and value.

Two Girls Students in Computer Lab Classroom

Special Report: Elementary World Language Instruction

Learning a second language at an early age has many benefits, research shows.

Girl Student Hand at Computer

Special Report: Learning a Language Online

Web-based programs help fill gaps in world language instruction.

Weybridge Students in Computer Lab

Special Report: Why Foreign Languages are a Crucial Skill

Learning another language brings cultural understanding that is critical to working—and living—in a global society.

Webinar: Finding the Right Blend

Webinar: Finding the Right Blend

Watch a webinar on the value of world language education in a blended learning environment.

Webinar: Language Learning in the Common Core Era​

Webinar: Language Learning in the Common Core Era​

Learn how schools can best teach world languages and leverage the benefits of language acquisition in core subjects.

World Language Learning Curriculum Development Chart

White Paper: Research-Driven Approach​ to Curriculum Design

Learn more about the research-driven approach to Middlebury Interactive Languages’ curriculum design.

Webinar: Connecting Communities

Webinar: Connecting Communities

The importance of culture in digital world language and ELL instruction.