Financial Aid

Financial Aid

Find information on financial aid for summer 2018. We offer need based aid for deserving students at our U.S. sites.

General Aid

The Academy offers limited need based financial aid at our U.S. based locations to families making less than $150,000. Financial aid funds are awarded on a rolling first-come, first-served basis. We encourage families who rely on aid to apply early during the 2018 enrollment cycle.

Scholarships Offered by our Partners

Additionally, the Academy in partnership with QFI (Qatar Foundation International) offers scholarships to students who need financial aid and / or demonstrate significant academic and language achievement. More details on this coming soon!

Does an application for financial aid affect my chances of being admitted to the Academy?

The Academy’s admission process is “need-blind.” This means that Admissions does not know of your family’s finances when your application is being assessed.

What is need-based aid?

Need-based aid is intended to help defray the cost of Academy attendance for families in need and is awarded on a sliding scale. Available funding is limited with the purpose of helping as many families as possible who demonstrate need. We encourage those interested in receiving aid to apply as soon as possible.

When will I know if I qualify?

After acceptance to the program has been received and your completed financial aid application has been submitted, a decision will be issued in no more than two weeks.