Summer Academy Blog - Granada 2016

Pictures from our first day in Granada

July 18, 2016

Here are some pictures from our first day in Granada, Enjoy!

The process of cooking and eating Salmorejo—A cultural experience in the kitchen

Spanish Academy students cook!
July 17, 2016

One of the most important aspects of culture is food. What and how we eat is very important. Cooking is a quintessential part of our lives, and we know that besides tasting, eating, and cooking are also some of the funniest activities you can do when you... read more


Spanish Academy visits a bakery!
July 16, 2016

  Last weekend we visited a bakery in Alfacar, a small town close to the city of Granada. Alfacar is widely regarded as having the best bread in the whole province, so we decided to go there to learn the secrets of its popular flavor. After... read more

Learning by exploring: Today we are tour guides!

Granada Academy students
July 14, 2016

Last Saturday we had an amazing time walking around the B, the historical and beautiful neighborhood (declared World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO) where the ‘Colegio’ is located. As an activity during our Academic classes on Saturday, we had the... read more

Bailando con Kristina

Granada Academy students dancing
July 13, 2016

¡La clave, mi gente! Salseros si llaman, ¡yo vengo! In our dance workshop so far we have learned the basic steps of salsa and bachata so that we may dance with our friends whenever we wish — in the hallway, on the streets, at home, or at a fiesta. We have... read more