Summer Academy Blog - Granada 2016

Fourth of July at Burriana Beach

Granada Academy students at Burriana Beach
July 13, 2016

When we talk about the Fourth of July we think of summer, fireworks, barbecues, parades family and friends. We are reminded of how much fun summer really is and how lucky we are to be able to celebrate this holiday in the United States. This year our... read more

Visit to the Inquisition Exhibit

Susan's group
July 10, 2016

In sorting out the who's who of the unification of Spain that ensued from the marriage of Isabella and Ferdinand, MMLA students from level 4 went straight to the source at a Sephardic Palace in the heart off Granada's Albaycin, and learned about the... read more

Costume party at MMLA—let your imagination run free! #1

Frozen in Granada, an oxymoron?
July 9, 2016

On Friday we had our first costume party and contest at MMLA Granada, and it was a complete success! Every residential group had been meeting from Monday to work on the costume and prepare a performance…their work and lack of siesta definitely paid off... read more

Costume Party 2

July 9, 2016

From Costume Party #1 The jury found it so difficult to choose a winner that we had two choose two! The price consisted on an outing to eat chocolate con churros in Granada with their RA, so everybody including the RAs was very excited. José´s... read more

Communicating through music and dance!

Waming up
July 9, 2016

Our students at the academy are making huge strides communicating using Spanish everywhere and at anytime. But that's not the only way they are getting to know each other.... They are also using music and dance to express themselves here at the academy!... read more