Spanish Language Academy

Spanish Language Academy

Learn Spanish at our summer language immersion program for teens.

The Academy is based on Middlebury College’s longstanding tradition of immersion education and provides a “world of difference” when it comes to language learning. No matter your background or prior Spanish experience, if you are passionate about learning Spanish and commit to speaking Spanish 24/7 at the Academy, you will dramatically improve your Spanish language skills.

For summer 2017, join us at St. Michael's College in Colchester, Vermont, for a U.S.-based immersion program open to rising 8th-12th students from beginners to advanced Spanish speakers. Or choose to study abroad in Granada, Spain or Salamanca, Spain, two international programs open to rising 9th-12th grade students with at least one year of Spanish experience (rising 9th graders must have at least 2 years Middle school Spanish language study).

For four weeks, all programming, events, activities, field trips, meetings and meals will be in Spanish. From morning assembly until lights out, you’ll be immersed in language with a group of equally passionate peers at the same competency level as you. The curriculum is organized by themes that help you navigate life in this new environment.

Why Learn Spanish?

Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world. U.S. Census projections predict that by 2050, the United States will have 138 million Spanish speakers, making it the largest Spanish-speaking nation in the world. If this isn’t reason enough to start learning Spanish, the romance language is considered by many to be one of the most poetic and beautiful languages. And with more than 500 million speakers worldwide, and 31 countries boasting Spanish as their official language, Spanish is increasingly becoming more than a language of culture and civilization; it is gaining importance in the global business world as well.

“A Spanish grammar lesson in school takes an hour to teach. At the Academy it’s done in a sentence.”

Ana, Spanish Academy Student

Experience Spanish Culture

At the Spanish Academy, you'll gain an appreciation for Spanish language and culture through cuisine, art, history, music, dance, geography and politics. Cultural exploration may include:

  • Learning Flamenco dance, tango or salsa with your friends.
  • Creating a self-portrait in the style of Frida Kahlo.
  • Taking a cooking class, where you'll learn to make—and eat!—empanadas, Tapas and other popular dishes from Spanish-speaking countries.
  • Viewing a Spanish movie or creating your own Spanish film.
  • Studying modern art and architecture, history and poetry in Spanish.
  • Visiting Middlebury College’s Spanish Language School, where you will take a tour of campus (in Spanish!), attend a dance or music performance and enjoy dinner alongside Spanish School students.

When opportunities are available near your local Academy, we find a way to engage you and your language group with the local community, as well as bring that community to you.