Policies at the Summer Language Academy

Handbooks & Policies

Review our policies on the Language Pledge®, technology, calling home, late arrivals, drugs, alcohol, sex and cigarettes. You’ll also find copies of our student handbooks for each Academy location.

Handbooks for the Language Academy

Student Handbooks

Handbooks for each site contain extensive information on what to expect from the Academy experience.

Calling Home from the Language Academy

Calling Home

Wait, no cell phones? Read about our policy on calling home.

Language Policy at the Summer Academy

Language Policy

In our “No English Spoken Here” community, students commit to speaking in their target language 24/7.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy

See our guidelines and deadlines for canceling your application and receiving a refund.

Late Arrivals at the Summer Language Academy

Late Arrivals

Here's what you need to know about joining us at the Academy after Arrival Day.

Language Academy Policies

Drugs, Sex, Cigarettes Policy

Learn about the Academy's policies as they relate to drug, cigarettes and sex.