Homesickness at the Summer Language Academy


How the Academy staff supports students who might experience homesickness during the immersion experience.

Especially at first, the challenging environment of immersion study can make students long for home. We are aware of this and sensitive to it. All of our faculty are experienced in teaching high school students. Our students live in dorms with resident counselors who are college-age students and who pay close attention to how each student in their group is doing. All staff members are available for individual attention and support; be assured that we respond quickly to any sign of concern.

Most importantly, we develop a very supportive sense of community. We’re all in this together! And as our month together progresses, we find that students tend to bond strongly with each other. Many create joyful, supportive friendships that last well beyond their time at the Academy.

During your first phone call with your son or daughter, there may be some tears and signs of homesickness. This is normal and part of the personal growth your child will experience at the Academy. Many student remark at the conclusion of the experience that they are proud of themselves for "sticking it out" and coming away from the experience with newfound confidence and tremendous language gains.