Student Profiles

During a summer at a Language Academy, students take incredible steps in their language proficiency and pursuit of academic goals. More importantly, they leave the Academy having shared the experience of “living the language” with dozens of peers. After every summer session, we enjoy hearing feedback from these students.

Samantha Harper German Academy Student

Samantha, German Academy

“I feel like my mind has grown. It feels bigger, more open. I have a part of me that only makes sense in German.”

Isabella Ko French Academy Student

Isabella, French Academy

“It was incredible to see how friendship and relationships could transcend language barriers.”

Addie Spanish Academy Student

Addie, Spanish Academy

“Going to Spain had a powerful impact on me, allowing me to see that I was able to live away from home in a foreign place.”

French Academy Students with Posters

Alessandra, French Academy

“Thanks to the Language Pledge, I abandoned my need for English.”

Jeannie Chinese Academy Student

Jeannie, Chinese Academy

“When I look back, I don’t really think about how hard it was speaking Chinese, I think about the memorable experience.”

Katya Chinese Language Academy Student

Katya, Chinese Academy

“I learned how much more important it is to be confident in your speaking abilities than to have perfect grammar skills.”

“The Academy really tried to teach me ways of learning—not just words or vocabulary.”

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