Talking to Family and Friends

Talking to Family & Friends

How can students stay in touch with family and friends during the Academy?

The Academy's immersion experience is a unique, challenging and ultimately gratifying experience that allows students the opportunity to experience rapid growth both academically and personally. In order to create the most effective living and learning environment, we require students to “unplug” from personal electronic devices like cell phones and computers.

Upon arrival on campus, personal devices will be checked in and securely stored in the Academy office, and only available for use during designated times throughout the week, during which students may call home or check in on social media.

The Academy experience is culturally rich with music, art, dance, laughter and lively conversation so that students learn the benefits of active listening, asking questions and expressing ideas all in-language, in real time. Being “technology free” allows our students to fully engage in the interpersonal interactions that make language learning fun and results in greater language gains from the four-week immersive experience.