Your Typical Day

See what a day in the life of an Academy student looks like.

For four weeks, all programming, events, activities, field trips, meetings and meals will be in the language you’ve chosen to learn. From morning assembly until lights out, you’ll be wrapped in that language with a group of new friends, teachers and residential staff. The curriculum is organized by themes that help you navigate life in this new environment. And it remains consistent for your entire month in the program.

Morning Assembly

For about 20 minutes after breakfast each morning, all students in each language Academy gather together for a casual assembly. Teachers and residential staff perform skits, show music videos and share creative presentations. It’s fun, unpredictable and all “in language” as you get you warmed up for the day of academic, cultural, and recreational activities ahead.

Class Time

During the week you will spend about three hours a day in language classes. You will stay with your language level group and follow a course of study specially designed so that you can survive and thrive in a full-immersion environment. There are no textbooks, but there is significant learning and acceleration of language skills.

The Academy’s hands-on “Cultural Exploration” classes are 1½–2 hours long on most weekdays. These classes change every week and revolve around all kinds of amazing subjects including categories such as:

  • Cooking
  • Film Making
  • Dancing
  • Theater/Acting
  • Media

Each week you will be challenged with a new topic, activity, or experience in your target language. And yes… there is a “Survival” elective for true language beginners during the first week of the Academy. Everyone survives, and you’ll enjoy an enduring smile as your comfort increases throughout the first week.


Whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner, you’ll have every meal with your new friends and stay in language. Early on there’s certainly some humor and difficulty when conversing in a language that you’re not yet familiar with. But it’s all great fun. Teachers or RAs will always be present, too, to provide encouragement. Meals are in a college dining hall, and students sit freely with others in their own language academy.

If you have special dietary needs, let us know so that we can accommodate you.

Afternoon Activities

Afternoon activities change every day and may include prose and poetry workshops, musical jam sessions, film productions, small-group cooking classes or painting, sculpture, and collage. You can also choose sports like soccer, basketball, yoga, Frisbee, and swimming. RAs lead all afternoon activities and supply students with the vocabulary they need to have fun and stay in language.

Free Time

Every day, for about an hour before dinner, your time is your own. You may decide to continue playing soccer, write in your journal, do some laundry, hit the gym, take a walk, chill with friends, take a shower or all of the above.

Evening Activities & Evening Assembly

Evening activities vary day by day. Some days students will spend extra time reviewing coursework with their teachers. Other evenings, RAs will lead Student Interest Clubs, where students can dive deeper into areas of their choosing such as sports, music, yearbook, dance, videography, or theater. Students may have special performances or "Movie Nights" planned in the evening for them as well.

Evening Assembly takes place once a week and is a chance for you to see what your friends have been learning in their language classes. Think songs, skits, games, and interactive activities. It’s usually entertaining and a great opportunity to see how your peers are progressing.

The End of the Day

After evening activities, usually around 9:00 PM, it is your time to meet back in the dorm with your friends and residential staff. Enjoy a snack with friends. Listen to some music. Maybe share a funny story, divulge a recent triumph, or express your thoughts and concerns. Before too long, you’ll be ready to crash, so you can get started again the next day.


On the weekends, you continue with clubs and big Academy events, but there are not usually academic classes. Sleep in a little, linger over brunch and relax after a busy week. Participate in lots of cultural activities and keep speaking in language! This is your time to get some sun and fun in as well. It’s also the time for field trips, dances and special events.