Students at the Summer Language Academy in Beijing

Beijing Housing & Facilities

Spend a month immersed in Chinese language and culture at Capital Normal University in Beijing.

Beijing Academy students as part of our study abroad program in China will live and take classes at the Capital Normal University. Located on the Third Ring Road in northwest Beijing, it is one of China’s foremost foreign language teaching universities. The main building on campus contains the student living space, a walkway to classrooms and academic spaces, as well as numerous restaurants.

Residence Halls

Students will live in a dorm setting; all rooms are doubles with private, en-suite bathrooms. Rooms include televisions and desk lamps. The dorm also houses two restaurants, a coffee shop and a small convenience store.

Library at Capital Norman University in Beijing

The Library at Capital Normal University.

Dorm Room at Capital Normal University in Beijing

A double dorm room at Capital Normal University.

Restaurants Near Capital Normal University in Beijing

Restaurants nearby Capital Normal University.

Recreational Facilities

Academy students will have free use of Capital Normal University’s track, basketball and tennis courts. There are also several gyms in the area equipped with treadmills, elliptical machines and western weight lifting equipment.

Gym Facilities at Capital Normal University in Beijing


Gym Facilities at Capital Normal University in Beijing


Laundry Facilities for Students

Students will have access to pay-per-use washing machines and dryers available for student use on four floors in the dorm. One load of laundry costs about 9RMB to wash and dry, plus a one-time 20RMB refundable fee to purchase a payment card. Laundry detergent may be obtained in local supermarkets.