Spanish Academy in Granada

Granada Housing & Facilities

Spend a month immersed in Spanish language and culture at Centro Ave Mariá Casa Madre school in Granada, Spain.

In the heart of Granada, and within walking distance of the Alhambra, is the Centro Ave Mariá Casa Madre campus, a private, Catholic residential school where the Academy is held. Academy students will live on-campus where their classes and many co-curricular activities will take place. The Ava Mariá campus boasts tremendous views of the Alhambra and is within a five-minute walk of the historic site.

Residence Halls

Rooms at the Academy will be shared by two students, and each student will have a wardrobe that locks to store his or her belongings. Most rooms will have a private bathroom while some will have an en suite bathroom shared by two dorm rooms. The residence hall is not air conditioned, but each room has windows that open and each room will have a fan which will help students take advantage of the cool evening breezes. Linens and towels will be provided for all students. Staff will clean the rooms every day, and there will be a laundry service included once per week for the students’ bed linens and clothes.

Dining Hall

The dining hall can accommodate vegetarian and gluten-free requests, but please let us know ahead of time of any special dietary restrictions. A sample menu of traditional Spanish cuisine from the campus dining hall could include a tomato salad (first course), followed by grilled fish or vegetable soup (second course) and fresh fruit and yogurt for dessert. All meals will include bread and water/juice. A late morning or afternoon snack will also be served. All menus are developed in consultation with a nutritionist.

Recreational Facilities

The Ave Mariá Casa Madre campus includes volleyball courts, an outdoor patio, a basketball court, a soccer court, a handball court and game room that Academy students can utilize during the program.

Field Trip Information

Field trips within Granada include the Granada Science Museum, Alhambra and Generalife. The program will also include day trip to Ronda and a nautical activity camp on a lake outside of Granada on two separate weekend trips. Specifics around these trips are subject to change and more information on the curriculum and cultural events will be released as it becomes available.