¿Qué Te Pasa, Calabaza?

July 9, 2014

Tuesday began with laughter and energy, as some of our boys presented a sketch of comical social interactions. These included finding a seat in the dining hall, secret handshakes and overbearing greetings. The crowd favorite, however, was definitely “how (not) to talk to a girl”.

As always, the students came back from their classes ready to socialize and have some fun.  Some students chose to go to the pool to cool off, while others learned to dance the Chachachá and practice for our upcoming expo. A few students also made friendship bracelets, an activity that has become a crowd favorite. By far, however, the most popular activity was watching the semifinals of the World Cup in language. It was not exactly a stressful game to watch, as we quickly found out who was going to win early on in the match. The students and staff will remember Germany’s historic 7-1 victory, as the game broke seven World Cup records, including the biggest win in a semifinal.

Fortunately, even the students cheering for Brazil walked away with their heads held high (or ran in some cases) because the close of the activity time meant that it was time to use their cell phones, something they had looked forward to since Saturday.  It’s simply amazing how much conversation, music, Facebook,  homework for their school and more is able to occur during just 45 minutes.

After dinner and study hour, students filed into the science center for evening assembly. Our level one class presented a skit about healthy living, and we watched videos from other classes about living in foreign countries, survival here at MMLA and more. Unfortunately, however, our assembly got cut short due to a storm. Some students were sad, while others were excited not to have to present. Regardless, we quickly and safely made our way back to our dorm, Mertz, in an effort be indoors when the storm came through. The RAs were worried about anxious students, but surprisingly the students just enjoyed the extra free time. Mertz has never been more alive with the painting of finger nails, music, cards,bananagrams and more. Many of our boys also took the opportunity to review highlights from the Brazil v. Germany match, while the girls decided to finish their friendship bracelets or start new ones. They even had some of the boys making them!

It’s hard to believe that we have just a week left, and yet I can’t help but wonder at all the progress these students are making, and how much they’ve yet to experience over the coming week. 

-Benjamín Bradshaw, Spanish Academy RA