Activities in Every Language!

June 27, 2014

Activity time once again comes to the MMLA Pomona campus, and with so many different in language options to choose from, it’s hard to imagine how anyone could not find something that interests them.

Sitting outside their dorm, a group of French students wrote different short stories, while inside the dorm more students made friendship bracelets in the common room.

On the other side of campus, a group of students from the Chinese Academy hit the sand for a game of beach volleyball.

Meanwhile, a large group of Arabic students cooked up some delicious layalilebanon (sweet pudding)  and another group was outside playing a game of soccer.

Finally, a stop at the Spanish dorm revealed an intense game of “Mafia” and Spanish “Apples to Apples” being played in their dorm.

-Colin Edwards, Pomona Program Assistant