Arabesque Ensemble Visits Arabic Academy

July 7, 2014

Who can keep a beat? The greatest benefit MMLA brings to learning a language is the total immersion component. Today the Arabic Academy got a visit from the Arabesque music ensemble. A major part of any culture is music and to be able to hear the rhythmic distinction here in Pomona was a treat. Arabesque taught students about different patterns specific to Arabic music. Students learned about the oud, tabla drum, violin and kanoon. Arabesque played many different songs to include music from many regions of the Arab world: Lebanese, Syrian, Egyptian and Y​emeni music as students clapped along. The real surprise was when the group taught students the song, “يلي زرعتوا البرتقال “Those Who Planted the Oranges” by Egyptian composer Mohammed Abdel Wahab. We have a feeling this isn’t going to be the last time we hear this song…

In commemorating the beginning of another week. Students offered advice to the entire academy on how to truly remain in language. It’s amazing how fast time has already gone by! If you think in Arabic, you can speak in Arabic: Arabic in the shower, Arabic in the dorm and Arabic in the classroom.

-Marji, Arabic Academy RA