Arabic Academy’s Weekend Adventures

June 30, 2014

We’ve finished our first week here at MMLA and it’s been a fun roller coaster of a ride! On Sunday our students were finally able to relax from their packed schedules and take a trip into town.  Arabic Academy students spent their morning roaming The Village and exploring life outside of Pomona’s campus—a  nice change from the usual dorm, to dining hall, to class, to dorm and to dining hall routine. They enjoyed every moment of it and some of them even bought fresh fruit and veggies from the local farmer market vendors in language! It was great to see the students having fun and staying in language off campus.

Arabic Academy students are always looking for things to do and even without the usual scheduled classes our students were filling up their time with activities. From soccer matches at the quad, to card games out on the grass,  from  rounds and rounds of tic-tac-toe, to jam sessions on the piano, from watching World Cup matches, to a sudden arm-wrestling competition in the dining hall—there’s never a dull moment here at the Arabic dorm. We’re always having fun all the way up to lights out!

-Emily, Arabic Academy RA