Arabic Academy Update (Yallah Yallah Arabiya!) (يلا يلا عربية)

June 28, 2014

The students in the Arabic Academy have been quite busy over the past day!

During activity time, the students tapped into their creative side by making colorful and intricate paper lanterns.  However, art of course comes in many different forms and one of the beauties of the Arabic language is its writing and artistic letters. The students talked about the history of calligraphy and how it has always been a part of Arabic history in books, architecture, religious texts, and artwork, The students then were able to experiment with writing their names in different ways and even in the form and shapes of a picture.

In between meals and class time, students have enjoyed different ways in which they can learn new vocabulary - different hand games really seem to be doing the trick! A game of charades was also played, which of course elicited many laughs from the students. 

At the evening assembly, students presented on the different daily schedules of people from countries all throughout the Arabic speaking world, ranging from Morocco to Lebanon. All in all, it’s been a busy few days for the Arabic Academy!