Beating the Heat: In Language Videos and Pool Time!

June 30, 2014

It has been hot, hot, hot over the past few days! Thankfully, the Arabic Academy knows how to keep it cool.

Sunday dawned hot and dry. After taking a short trip into town, students started some water balloon wars to cool themselves down. These were as effective as they were fun, and many students ended up soaked!

Monday was another busy, warm and fun-filled day for the Arabic Academy. Early in the day, students got the opportunity to film some short videos. They got really inspired and channeled their creativity after watching several Arabic Vine videos. As the videos show, it’s amazing what the students can do with technology these days! As the day grew hotter, some students beat the heat at the pool while others got off campus explored the city of Claremont once again. Students splashed, laughed and enjoyed the opportunity to keep cool (literally and figuratively) here in sunny California.

-Lindsay Call and Marji Itayem