The Big Bash: Spanish Academy Makes Piñatas

June 25, 2014

The first official day of activities was definitely a bash for the Spanish Academy. Students there had the unique opportunity to learn how to make piñatas.

Students shaped their piñatas using balloons and newspapers. Choosing from tons of beautifully colored streamers, students designed and then created their piñatas using a paper-mache technique. See those buckets there? They’re full of goop (aka a gluey mixture), specially mixed to hold the piñatas together! Aside from flexing their artistic muscles and playing with balloons and glue-saturated wet newspaper, students also worked on their verbal communication in Spanish. 

As much fun as making piñatas is, we all know that getting to bash them open is even better. It looks as if there may be a little fiesta of that sort in the books sometime soon as well. Stay tuned!