Bon Voyage! The French Academy Goes Traveling

July 2, 2014

As today’s theme was traveling, we started off the day in morning assembly with a guessing game involving various francophone countries and territories. The most difficult part for the students to figure out was certainly La Nouvelle Caledonie, despite its being the home of Etienne, our language director. The day ended with a similar activity as the evening assembly included a student-organized game in which spectators had to figure out what film was being discussed based on a number of hints. Another highlight of our evening assembly was the students’ performance of their own version of “Elle me dit,” a popular French song that we’ll probably all have running through our heads by the end of the week (if we don’t already). Despite the heat we’ve been managing to keep cool with the help of plenty of popsicles, time at the pool and indoor activities such as board game night and play-dough making. À bien tôt!

-Hannah/Cécile, French RA