C’est Le Week-end!

June 28, 2014

It’s the weekend! For the students at MMLA, that means the schedule is a bit different: no academic classes. This leaves more free time for the Académie de français to bond with their fellow students and their animateurs, or the French RAs.  

This afternoon, we, the “anims”, organized a concours de couloir – a competition between the hallways of our dormitory, Smiley. Because our dull space was getting on our nerves, we thought it best to have the students show off their creative skills and deck our halls. The blank walls became truly merveilleux as the students pasted and posted and cut and colored. After an hour and a half of a lot of bustle in each living group, our halls were complete. Soon after, the team of judges arrived with much ceremony. This included our esteemed Directeur, David Sainsily, the scrupulous Assistant Language Director, Feray Baskin, along with two teachers: Scott Brown and Marie-Josée Kinkingnehun. They demanded perfection and that is unquestionably what they got.

On the first floor, they inspected the boys’ decorations, under the direction of Arthur, where they found many flags from francophone countries.

Just up the stairs, they arrived at my hallway. They were hit with an explosion of red, white, and blue, the colors of the French flag. On the third floor, Brigitte’s group had created a petite Parisian café, complete with table and Pop Tarts for visitors. Clémentine’s side of the third floor went further south to Cannes. They taped red crêpe paper to the floor so that visitors could walk the red carpet.

Which hallway was victorious? The judges are withholding this information until Monday! Until then, we are certainly enjoying our newly decked-out living space.