Conjuntos Visit Spanish Academy

June 26, 2014

Last night, the Spanish Academy had the pleasure of hosting Conjuntos, a local Cubano band from Philadelphia. They treated the students and teachers with a variety of instruments and vocals through the night. Heres what Sarah, a Residential Advisor for the Spanish Academy, had to say about the day’s activities as well as the performance:

Wednesday was a day packed with new cultural experiences for our Spanish students. During the afternoon, we watched the World Cup game between Ecuador and France (for the record it was a tie, but ¡Vaya Ecuador!). The entire broadcast was in Spanish and students were truly able to experience the grip soccer has on Spanish-speaking countries. The commentators were charming and passionate- yelling at times of intensity and sprouting poetry for their favorite players.

At night, the Spanish academy was in for a treat. Our nightly assembly was visited by Conjunto Philadelphia, a local Cuban band. The band plays Cuban music from pre-revolutionary Cuba–a unique type of music which combines the rhythms of cha-cha-chá, Son, Bolero and jazz. Students learned the basic steps of salsa and danced to the rhythm of the live music. 

Students truly enjoyed a day of cultural immersion at the Spanish Academy!

-Sarah Awad-Farid, Spanish Residential Advisor

Stay tuned tomorrow for another post!

-Max Brazo, Program Assistant