Cultural Activity Time: The Learning Continues

June 26, 2014

There are lots of events happening here on any given day at MMLA Pomona that are not specifically academic (shocking, right? You had no idea given our other blog posts). But what actually goes on inside the classroom? Today we decided to take a peek into what goes down around campus during cultural activity hours.

First, we stopped by at the Chinese Academy, where teacher Zhousu He was conducting a puppet show with students acting out short scenes, which were evenmorefun in person than they look in the photos!

The Arabic and Spanish Academies were also holding similar seminars where students worked in groups on their communication skills. Students in these academies focused on a different approach to language acquisition today: practicing pronunciation and writing.

Altogether, there is a lot of learning going on, both inside and outside of classrooms. It’s only been four days, but the students are making tremendous progress! 

-Lindsay Call, Pomona Program Assistant