Director Profile - Alejandro Saravia

June 29, 2014

Alejandro was born and raised in Mexico City, Mx. The 5th child in a family of eight, he never thought that living abroad was an option for him. He studied Chemistry at the National University (UNAM) and decided to work in education after receiving his degree. Now he is married, with three children working in a boarding school in NH.

Alejandro started working as a full time teacher in Mexico in 1991 and worked as a teacher and as a program director until he moved to the US in 2001 to pursue his PhD in School Administration. He switched the Chemistry lab for language acquisition practices after he had the opportunity to teach Spanish at Western Kentucky University when he arrived to the US.

He has participated in 3 MMLA summer programs in Vermont, and he is happy to be part of the first MMLA program in Comillas, an ideal setting for the experience.