Every Second of Every Day: Immersion

July 2, 2016

Time is surely an enigma in the way it passes along so quickly. Nevertheless, here in Beijing, we're making use of every second of the day!

Eager to get started, Middlebury Interactive staff members met new students at the airport, in the lobby and at the dorm. Despite being a little tired from the journey, there was still an energetic and positive vibe running through the 2016 Middlebury Interactice Beijing cohort!

Thursday was busy with the language placement test, orientation sessions and the neighborhood tour, which allowed everyone to become a bit more familiar with their very new surroundings. 

After all of that, we recharged our energy with a Peking Duck FEAST for our Opening Banquet!

Last, but not least: the Language Pledge® Ceremony. 

Students pledged themselves to live fully immersed, in Chinese, with fellow Academy classmates and teachers for the next three and half weeks! This is it... the program has really started now!

On Friday, we got started: Chinese lessons in the morning, and then, in the afternoon, we put to use what we learned in class. We went to the streets. 

Classmates were accompanied by their teachers and RAs to the Hutongs to better understand Beijing’s more traditional areas. And in the process, sample tasty local treats!

Today, we went to the Forbidden City and, also, Houhai. This allowed for students to immerse themselves for more deeply, which then puts them more closely in touch with the Chinese culture. 

The adventure has just begun!

Students having fun at the banquet!