Happy Fourth of July from the Chinese and French Academies!

July 4, 2016

Happy Fourth of July from everyone here at St. Michael’s!

Today, students had their daily set of morning classes; however, after they were finished, they had the chance to drift from the usual schedule and engage in fun, outdoor activities to celebrate the holiday!

Rather than the typical cafeteria setting for lunch, St. Michael’s staff had a cookout outside, in which they served the “typical” American food: hamburgers, hot dogs, corn on the cob, chicken and fresh watermelon.

Students were then able to eat outside—in the sun—and enjoy the rest of the afternoon.

Some students brought out instruments to play music, while others chose to bring out books and find sun patches where they could read peacefully. And, of course, there were students passing the frisbee around on the open lawn—like always!

Once lunch was finished, both academies went to the soccer fields in order to cool off from the sun, as they participated in a “water party.”

The Residential Educators of both Academies put together a wide range of activities for the kids to do, such as: water balloon fights, soccer, volleyball, water gun wars and more!

This gave the students some time to soak in the sun and make the most of the holiday. Additionally, they did all of this in lieu of their afternoon classes—everyone was happy about that!

After a couple of hours of water fun, students and REs retired to their dormitories for a brief pause for rest and to dry themselves off and put on fresh clothes.

Once everyone was recharged and ready to go, students embarked on their second activity of the day—fireworks in Essex!

At a local festival, students and staff had the chance to branch out past the St. Michael’s campus and enjoy the local culture of Vermont. At this festival, there were food vendors, face-painting stations, small trinkets to buy and, of course, fireworks!

However, there was also a band playing music—and students from both Academies made the most of this! Together, they set up a dance circle, in which they had their own Language Academy dance. The French and Chinese Academies didn’t come to the party—they made the party!

People from Essex who were in the audience loved the vibrancy and energy of the group. So much so, actually, that people from the festival joined in with them! The enthusiasm and lightheartedness of the students made the staff, audience and the band very, very happy!

Once the dancing and the music was over, however, the high point of the night came: the fireworks. As they were all shot off, students “ooo’d” and “ahhhh’d” at their radiance and color. At the end, both Academies gave a roaring round of applause that joyfully echoed through the ears of everyone at the audience.

Needless to say, the French and Chinese Academies made their presence known—in a positive way!

Independence Day was surely well-celebrated by the staff and students of Middlebury Interactive’s Chinese and French Summer Academies!

Students celebrated Independence Day in style!