Hip Hip Hooray! Arrival Day!

June 23, 2014

Arrival day is upon us! Well, was upon us, rather. Returning students excitedly greeted each other and practiced communicating in their target language from the get-go, and new students watched in wonder as they began the immersion process. Students checked in with their language groups, turned in their phones and said goodbye to parents as they began their new lives at MMLA Pomona. After moving into their dorm rooms and grabbing a meal with their language groups at the magnificent and Hogwarts-esque Frary Dining Hall, students headed over to Pomona’s beautiful Sontag Greek theatre for convocation. Our site manager, residence life director, nurse, and language directors all spoke, and students laughed and had a great time participating in team-building chants.

If yesterday is any indicator for the rest of the summer, it looks as if students here at MMLA Pomona are going to have the time of their lives. They will be taking the Language Pledge tonight, which is as exciting as it is scary for some. But overall, everyone (staff included) is excited that the academy has begun and is anticipating the fun the rest of the summer will bring!