In Language Rehearsals for “Segismundo y Compañia”

June 29, 2014

Rehearsals have been under way for the Spanish Academy’s production of “Segismundo y Compañia” which translates into “Segisumdo and Company” in English. According to teacher Alena Davidoff-Gore, it is a play “that centers around a famous Spanish classic, ‘La Vida es Sueño’ (Life is a Dream), by Pedro Calderónde la Barca. There are four characters, the usher (acomodadora), two members of the audience (los espectadores) and an actor (el actor). The students share each role, so that each student has a part in the play.”

The play is a comedic piece about the antics of audience members and premieres Monday evening here at Pomona. If the rehearsals are any indicator of what is in store for tomorrow evening, it looks as if the production will be witty and fun for all.

-Lindsay Call, Pomona Program Assistant