Mariachi Music Brings Out Spanish Academy Spirit

June 26, 2014

On Wednesday evening with the sun setting in the background and the Claremont breeze cooling down the warm California day, the Spanish Academy experienced an authentic piece of Mexican culture with a live mariachi band performance. The Spanish Academy students had prepared for the mariachi band’s arrival by watching film on the importance and significance of the folk music in Mexico and how it can bring people and a country together.

What followed was an incredible spectacle and the uniting of the Spanish Academy. The band began by warming up the crowd with some lively pieces; however, it didn’t take long before the entire academy joined the band on stage to dance in a conga line  and sing along with the band. The upbeat spirit of the mariachi band was contagious - everyone was participating and having apasandolobien (a good time) all while in language!

-Colin Edwards, Pomona Program Assistant