The MMLA Community

April 22, 2014

One of the extra benefits of learning at MMLA is getting to live and learn with an amazingly diverse group of teachers and students. With students and teachers from all over the US and the world, the campus is rich in experiences and perspectives that shape every part of learning at MMLA.

I remember being at one of the first English-allowed events, with everyone commenting on the sudden materialization of accents after a week of speaking only Mandarin. It was strange to be reminded of what different backgrounds we had, even though we all shared a common goal. But it was those different experiences that contributed to such a lively environment where internationally focused learning extended far beyond the classroom.

In short, be prepared to feel the international-ness everywhere you step, and be transformed into a part of one, big, multilingual family while you’re at MMLA. 

Katya Pollock is a ninth grade student from Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada. Last summer, she attended MMLA at Green Mountain College to improve her Mandarin Chinese proficiency. Outside of MMLA, Katya studies Mandarin with an at-home tutor. This summer, she’s enrolled in the Chinese Academy at Swarthmore.