My Decision to Attend the Academy

February 15, 2014

Why I Chose to Come to the Academy
I first decided to study at the Language Academy because I realized that I had been taking Spanish in school for three years but couldn’t speak it. This frustrated me, as my main motivation behind taking Spanish in the first place was the wealth of practical, real world applications I was told it would offer me, especially in a city like Los Angeles.

So after three years of studying, having the ability to memorize vocabulary words and conjugate verbs but not carry on a simply conversation, seemed pointless to me. I had heard about the Academy through my school and it seemed to be a program that would help me incorporate the skills I already had into my speaking as well as provide me with a great learning environment.

The Language Pledge
The Language Pledge, while intimidating at first, was incredibly helpful in the end. I barely made it through my first day after signing the Pledge, and many of my friends and I were very exasperated after trying to cancel out 16 years worth or English in just one day. However, the struggle through the first week caused a breakthrough and, after that, speaking Spanish became second nature.

Studying Abroad This Summer
When I first arrived at the Pomona College campus last summer, I was asked how I planned on using my Spanish skills in the future. After much thought I decided that sometime in the near future, I would like to visit a Spanish-speaking country, possibly as a foreign exchange student or in a similar position.  

Luckily for me, just as I arrived home from my month in Pomona, I found out that the Academy was organizing a trip to Spain over the summer of 2014. Eager to visit Spain for the first time and to achieve my goal of being able to handle the full immersion that being in another country provides, I quickly signed up for the 2014 summer Academy in Comillas, Spain.

Maddox Kay is a high school junior from Los Angeles, California, who enjoys music, sports, especially basketball, and learning Spanish. In 2013, he attended the Spanish Academy at Pomona College, and this year will travel abroad to Comillas, Spain, for the new Spanish Academy abroad.