My Top 5 Packing Tips for the Academy

February 25, 2014

1.  Pack for warm weather – Short sleeve shirts and shorts/skirts are the best choice for staying cool and comfortable while attending classes and activities. I almost never wore a sweater or jeans last summer, and could have saved some space in my luggage by instead packing a few more t-shirts.

2.   A huge electric fan (or the person who lets you borrow their fan) will be your best friend – I only brought a small fan with me last summer because I was taking a plane home and didn’t want to use up too much space in my luggage. Although my fan was really easy to carry around, it didn’t make much of a difference in cooling a big dorm room, and I ended up using my roommate’s fan most of the time. If you have the space, I recommend bringing an electric fan at least 14” in diameter.

3.  Bring sunscreen and sunglasses – Sunscreen and sunglasses were especially useful during the fourth of July parade and other outdoor activities, but  most students also wore them while walking from class to class.

4.  Pack light formal clothes – We had two formal events last summer in addition to three casual dances. The events took place in hot weather, so light clothing is best.

5.  Remember washing detergent! - We didn’t have a place to buy detergent at Green Mountain, so those who didn’t bring any (like myself) shared with friends. Each student washed about a load per week, but bringing extra detergent is a good idea.

Good luck!

Katya Pollock is a ninth grade student from Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada. Last summer, she attended MMLA at Green Mountain College to improve her Mandarin Chinese proficiency. Outside of MMLA, Katya studies Mandarin with an at-home tutor. This summer, she’s enrolled in the Chinese Academy at Swarthmore.