A Night to Remember - The French Academy Experiences West African Music

June 26, 2014

Yesterday evening French Academy students got the chance to experience the sounds of West African drums. In addition to learning about the scope of the French-speaking world, students also learned how to break it down, West African style.

The evening began outside on Marston Quad, where students learned the basics of West African dance. The sound of drums echoed across the clear California night as the students danced in the twilight. As dusk fell, everyone moved inside to Rose Hills Theatre to continue the festivities. Students learned about West African geography and culture and got the chance to show off their new dance moves. It may look like they’re dancing to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” or to “High School Musical,” but that’s because West African dance is stylized in a similarly fun manner. From learning about culture to learning how to dance, this was a night that will not soon be forgotten. 

-Lindsay Call, Program Assistant